HEXIS: Braille book reader for visually impaired child

Hexis is designed for children with  visual impairments to improve their literacy and develop the joy of reading and learning. Easy to learn and use, Hexis fits into both special or inclusive schools. Hexis provides curated content, appropriate for age.

Antara, the cloud based software platform converts any text content to Braille and pushes to Hexis for reading and provides powerful analytics to track learning

Hexis won Microsoft AI4A grant in 2022 in worldwide competition.




IRIS is an audio interface to learn tactile graphics for visually impaired child. IRIS lets any tactile to be used with audio overlays in any language. IRIS, along with HEXIS addresses the complete learning needs of a visually impaired child

About us

We are a startup founded to develop world class learning aids for visually impaired children in schools. We are based in Bengaluru, India and was incubated at IIIT, Bengaluru.

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