About us

We are a startup founded to develop world class learning aids for visually impaired children in schools. We are based in Bengaluru, India and was incubated at IIIT, Bengaluru.

We design and develop world class assistive technology products for visually impaired students, with a deep understanding of their needs, to help them to reach their full potential, thus making learning equitable and joyful


Rajagopal (Raj)

Raj has extensive experience in product design, development and product management in companies like Wipro R&D , Mindtree, Ametek Instruments. He leads the product conceptualization and development in Vembi.

Supriya Dey

Supriya is Managing trustee of Vision Empower (VE) from 2017. She has worked in Wipro, Lucent, Alcatel, IIMB. In her role in VE, she works widely with special educators, schools, VI children, government in designing content, teacher training and experiential programs. She brings insights on the needs of the children and special educators in schools.

Vidhya Y

Vidhya is topper & Gold Medalist, MSc Digital Society (IIITB, 2017) and worked as a Research Fellow in Microsoft Research. She was the first visually impaired student to study Mathematics in Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Christ University Bangalore and was the topper of her batch. She brings invaluable personal perspectives to Vembi on designing right products for VI children.

Prof Amit Prakash

Prof. Amit is Associate Professor at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB). At IIITB, he serves as the Co-Convener of Center for Accessibility in Global South (CAGS) and as Convener of Centre for IT and Public Policy (CITAPP).

Anshumaan Agrawal

Anshumaan heads sales and marketing efforts at Vembi. He has experience of working as  Project Consultant in the not-for-profit sector. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIITB), Bangalore.

Kartik P

Kartik obtained his B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He is passionate about software and programming and is developing software for Hexis and other products. His other interests include music and sports.


Sanjeev handles component purchases, incoming QA, assembly and testing of Hexis devices.


Venkatesh tests Braille engine and Hexis devices in Vembi. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is also involved training teachers in accessible and inclusive methodologies of teaching and conducting teaching sessions with children of special schools in Karnataka.

Karthik BS

Karthik obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Vijayanagara srikrishna devaraya university Ballari. He provides technical support to Hexis users, trains the teachers and helps in deployment. His other interests include traveling.

Dr. Shantha Maria

Dr. Shantha is a Professor in Mount Carmel college, Bengaluru. She has extensive experience in child education and with challenges of special education. She leads the content strategy in Vembi to design and implement programs to improve the literacy of visually impaired school children with Hexis.


Vision Empower

Vision Empower is award winning non-profit working in STEM education for visually impaired children. Based in Bengaluru, they work in more than 10 states and 125 schools across India

Touche’tech Labs

Touche’tech Labs is a leader in technology solutions for visually impaired community. Vembi works closely with them on Braille cells and is a technology partner

International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB)

IIITB is a leading research institution in Bengaluru. Initial work on Hexis was funded with a grant from IIITB. Vembi works with IIITB for research and concept validation

Awards and Recognitions